Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackDentistry?

HackDentistry is an E-learning website that aims make learning dentistry fun, engaging and light-hearted.

HackDentistry offers:

  • A library of light-hearted sketch/cartoon/whiteboard animation 🎥videos.
  • A huge library consisting of thousands of 📝practice questions (multiple choice format) and
  • Comprehensive 📖High Yield Revision notes.

Should I pay to get access to content in HackDentistry?

Nope, all our content is currently free to access!

Should I register/Sign-up to get access to content?

You could access content without signing up. However, you could register or sign-up to get our newsletter updates.

How do I get quick access to a specific note/MCQ on a given topic.

We have a "Search" option on the main menu which could help you get quick access to a particular topic in a said subject or chapter. We have also organized our notes/videos/MCQs "Subject and Chapter" wise to make things easy. You could select the "Notes and Videos" option or the "Question Bank" option to get a list of Subjects that are available and look for the specific topic in the Chapter of your choice.

Could I notify you of any errors/mistakes?

Please do! We would be very happy if you could give us constructive feedback. You see, my co-founder and I are humans after all and mistakes are inevitable. Despite double checking, we may have made mistakes - typos/spelling errors, grammar mistakes or even got some facts wrong in our notes or MCQs. Please feel free to notify us of errors if any.  

How could I contact your team for support?

📢 This is how you could reach out!

  • Shoot us an 📩email at

You could reach us via our social handles too!