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Revision Ninja (Notes, Videos & MCQs)

Textbooks are huge and vast, with information splayed all over. If you find concepts hard to comprehend and retain, then Revision Ninja is exactly what you need! Each Revision Ninja Bundle comes with its set of notes, videos and question bank. Currently we are up and running with Oral Pathology, Oral Histology and Periodontology.

Question Bank

No more anxiety peeps. Exams or tests, we've got you covered. Learn from over 5000+ questions with our Question Bank!

Get Access to all our content

The "All Access Premium bundle" gives you access to all our content - Question Bank (with over 5000 questions) and the Revision Ninja series (Oral Pathology, Periodontology and Oral Histology).

What 😎people are saying about HackDentistry!

Videos are are concise, well illustrated and easy to understand!

Andrew I. Spielman, D.M.D., Ph.D. Professor, Department of Basic Sciences at a US dental school

"What I like about the videos is that they are concise, well illustrated and easy to understand. It cuts through the clutter that many textbooks have and creates a clear and dynamic picture of the process that is described. The videos contain, in my opinion, just the right amount of detail that a clinical dentist needs to know. I use it as an add on to other references for my course in basic embryology and development."

Our team considered your videos as the best available ones in basics area!

Health Science PhD student at University of Brasilia/ Brazil.

"Our team considered your videos as the best available ones in basics area and we are really interested in showing them during our classes. We are going to indicate your YouTube channel as complemental materials in our classes and also for our colleagues around Brazil. Best channel of basic area in dentistry and oral health!"

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Why HackDentistry?

  • Sketch/Whiteboard Videos

    Our visual sketch/whiteboard style video animations help students understand and retain core concepts. Students could watch videos with subtitles/captions. All videos come bundled with the Revision Ninja series (Oral Pathology and Oral Histology).

  • Revision Ninja

    We have condensed and assimilated key facts and concepts in Oral Pathology, Periodontology and Oral Histology into easily digestible material that can be remembered and retained. It would serve to be a quick guide, which students could use for revisions to help in exam preparations. Each Revision Ninja bundle comes with Notes, Videos and MCQs (Periodontology bundle does not come with videos)

  • Question Bank

    Get access to 5000+ quiz questions (MCQ type) covering over 21 subjects and be well prepared for University as well as Entrance exams!


👋Hey there!

Though classroom teaching is gold standard, we have always believed technology could make education more fun and effective. We (Dr.Sanketh - MDS, Oral Pathology and Dr.Divakar - MDS, Periodontology) are dentist friends who have slogged hard to make HackDentistry what it is today. Apart from other entrepreneurial ventures and private dental practice, we continue to spend our time to build HackDentistry as much as we can. Together, we aspire to make HackDentistry a comprehensive online dental platform where students can have fun learning and get hold of resources which make revision and exam preparation easier and effective.