Frequently Asked Questions

What is HackDentistry?

HackDentistry is an E-learning platform that aims make learning dentistry fun, engaging and light-hearted. 

HackDentistry focuses on improving students' understanding of the core subject/specialty and exam performance. We intend to accomplish this by creating

  • Videos🎥 in the form of light-hearted sketch/whiteboard animation lectures.
  • Numerous high yield notes📖  .
  • A huge library consisting of thousands of practice questions📝  (multiple choice format).

Should I pay to get access to content in HackDentistry?

Yes, our course bundles have to be purchased.  We do not offer a free membership.  However...

  • We have free sample videos, revision notes and quiz questions you could access for 2 days.
  • All users who have signed up have access to community discussions.  

What are Premium course bundles? How much do they cost? 

We have a bunch of courses that are grouped into different bundles. These course bundles have to be purchased in order to get access to the respective courses. 

Here are the course bundles available:

  • "Revision Ninja - Oral Pathology (Videos, Notes & MCQs)" -  access for 6 months (₹3395) and 12 months (₹5099)
  • "Revision Ninja - Periodontics (Notes & MCQs)" - access for 6 months (₹2395) and 12 months (₹3599)
  • "Revision Ninja - Oral Histology (Notes, Videos & MCQs)" - access for 6 months (₹2395) and 12 months (₹3599)
  • "Question Bank - All subjects" - access for 6 months (₹2395) and 12 months (₹3599)
  • All Access Premium bundle (Access to all content Revision Ninja & Question Bank) - access for 6 months (₹5499) and 12 months (₹7999)

What does Revision Ninja include? 

We have Revision Ninja bundles catering to 3 subjects - Oral Pathology, Oral Histology and Periodontology.

Each Revision Ninja (subject) bundle comes with it's respective Notes, Videos (each note comes with it's respective video) and Quiz questions.  

However, please note that

  • We do not have videos for all notes in Oral Pathology. However, we would be regularly creating and updating videos for all our notes in Oral Pathology.
  • Periodontology, as of now, only comes with Notes and Quiz questions. We currently do not have videos for notes on Periodontology.
  • We are working hard to update and make the curriculum for all our bundles comprehensive.

Where can I access content after purchasing a course bundle/subscription?

Once you have purchased a subscription, sign in/log in and click on the "My Dashboard" option in the main menu  on the header to access your courses.

Will subscriptions for Premium Course Bundles auto-renew?

Yes, the current platform we use defaults to auto-enrolling/auto-renewing your subscription on expiry. This is a function of our platform and we cannot turn off auto-renewals. 

Let’s say you have purchased the Question bank bundle (INR 2395/6 months) which expires on 1st of July. Your card on file would be automatically charged on the 2nd of July for INR 2395 for the next subscription renewal.


Will I get a reminder when my subscription is nearing an end?

You would receive an email regarding upcoming auto-renewals for your subscription, 15 days prior to subscription expiry.

I do not want my subscription to be auto-renewed. How can I manage my billing?

If you do not want to be automatically charged for the next billing period, you could either a) delete your card or b) cancel your subscription from your “My Account” page. This way you could ensure not being charged automatically on expiry of your current subscription.

1) To access Billing details, click on your name or picture in the top right corner of the website header and select My Account.

2) Then select the Billing tab.

3) From here you can: 

a) view/update/delete your saved credit card, 

Deleting your card would cancel your subscription and ensure you are not automatically charged after your subscription expires.

b) view/cancel your recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions).

But, would I lose access to my courses after I cancel my subscription or delete my credit/debit card from the billing section? 

No, don’t worry! You would not lose access to your course bundles. Cancelling your subscription or deleting your credit/debit card would only ensure you would not be automatically charged after the expiry of your subscription.

Let’s say you have access to a course bundle till the 31st of July. Suppose you end/cancel the subscription on the 1st of July you will still have access for the remaining 31 days and then lose access on the 31st of July. 

My subscription unintentionally auto-renewed because I forgot to cancel my subscription. Can I get a refund?

Unintentional renewals can happen to everyone. In case your subscription unintentionally auto-renewed please contact us within 7 days of the renewal and we will initiate a refund. However, we may not be able to give you a refund after the 7 day period.

How do I change/update my saved credit/debit card details?

1) To access Billing details, click on your name or picture in the top right corner of the website header and select My Account.



2) Then select the Billing tab.



3) From here you can: 

a) view and update your saved credit/debit card, 


I purchased the wrong bundle, could I get a refund?

Premium memberships once purchased cannot be refunded. We do not refund or return any subscription/s that has/have been purchased, unless proved that the transaction was the result of a fraudulent purchase.

Are the notes/cheat sheets in Revision Ninja downloadable?

At present, notes/cheat sheets in Revision Ninja cannot be downloaded. They have to be viewed through our website. 

How could I contact your team for support?

Want to contact us? This is how you could reach out!

  • Shoot us an email at or

You could reach us via our social handles too!